Waves of Boat People

boatsWell it seems the various newspapers in the News Corp Group are all screaming about how all but 75 of the asylum seekers since the Rudd government came in were granted visas. Of course none of the articles make any reference to how many asylum seekers were granted visas during the Howard administration, I suspect these figures would show that there was very little difference in the percentage of refugees granted/refused visas between the Howard and Rudd governments. But little things like facts and journalistic integrity seem to pay second fiddle to the need to continue to produce hysterical and frothing stories that pander to the lowest common denominator.

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Best explanation yet….

boatsWhile I am at times ambivalent with regards to the issue of asylum seekers, I do find the claims of invasion and terrorism to be a bit contrived. Face it, the terrorists have the money to fly into the country and have a false identity to avoid detection,  so why bother with the uncertainty of a leaky boat when it is easier and cheaper to fly them in via QANTAS .

While reading Dans Blog I came across a link to this  Blog which had a clear and relatively unbiased breakdown of refugee numbers vs. asylum seekers etc. I just wish more people would take the time to read or research this rather than listen to and take as gospel some of our supposed journalists and media.  Whatever your political leanings I recommend a browse of the blog, you never know you may learn something 🙂

Journalism is a dirty word

politicsI was perusing an article in Sydney Morning Herald and I saw an article by Paul Sheehan this morning where he was essentially saying that not only was Julia Gillard lying but that the unwashed masses would lap it up and vote for her anyway. While I am surprised that the fact that politicians lying is still news I noticed that Mr Sheehan has pretty much thrown out any semblance of unbiased reporting by failing to point out any of the foibles of the Coalition and that he is equally biased when it comes to international politics.

While I understand he is a conservative and that the Liberal party have a lot of policies that are in sympathy with his viewpoint, I cannot abide when someone claims to be a journalist but fails to meet even some of the most basic checks against bias, he of course covers himself well by framing his articles under the heading of opinion pieces. I do have to laugh at his ‘holier than thou’ attitude where he essentially says that Labor appeals to the lowest common denominator when he himself panders to that precise demographic with his Anti- Muslim and Anti-Immigration rants articles. The Howard government of which he is so fond was a master of playing the politics of fear and appealing to the vocal redneck element despite this being contrary to what the parties core beliefs used to be. But Mr Sheehan hides behind what is left of his journalistic integrity while braying about the evils of Labor like Chicken Little saying “the sky is falling”.