HD2Well on the weekend I had the first opportunity to use the wireless router function of my HD2 and after all the dramas I had with tethering an iPhone it was a breeze to use and two people were able to use my phone for internet access within 2 minutes, score 1 for the HD2. However, so far I have found that the HD2 suffers from a few issues .

  • When put to my ear during calls will quite often press keys or disconnect the call.
  • Sometimes the when scrolling through contacts it will randomly decide I wanted to ring someone and call them, I suspect this is due to smudges on the screen somehow being detected as a finger press but could be wrong.
  • Default weather app will not find anything but major Australian cities and Townsville, if you go to the site that provides the app it’s data (Accuweather) then it finds Toowoomba. This may just be something I am missing but it is annoying. Easily fixed by finding a different ROM I guess
  • Tel$tra removing Googlemaps for Whereis while trying to get you to pay to use its GPS component. Again easily fixed and more a Tel$tra issue but still an annoyance
  • The ringer seems to randomly decide to change it’s volume from one day tothe next.
  • The built in alarm clock function is useless, the alarm rings for longer when selecting the alarm sound than it does for the actual alarm time.
  • The exchange push intergration with the iPhone was much more seamless, so basically Apple does a better job of getting exchange mail, go figure.

But on the whole I am still very happy with the phone.

Oh, it’s only I.T.

IT SupportI still find it amazing these days that companies seem to think that their I.T. department is expendable and is generally treated as an afterthought. A lot of businesses seem to forget that if the computers go down work stops, period. Yet when it comes time to make cuts the I.T. Dept is generally one of the first to be looked at, as it is usually seen as an expense generating Dept with no income producing potential but it is I.T. that keeps you working and helps you maintain productivity and thus keep making money.

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The Party Faithful

politicsWe are currently going through the excruciating experience of a Federal Election here in Oz. I am what is known as a swing voter, in other words I vote for a party based on their policies and their track record, so in the last election I voted Labor for the simple reason that I thought the Howard Government had been in power too long and that Mr Howard was suffering from a severe case of hubris which, despite his loss at the last election, seems to be as bad as ever. Previous to that I had voted for the Liberals because most of the policies fell in line with my beliefs but this time around I have to say I cannot decide who to vote for, one the one hand you have an overly religious and right wing Tony Abbott who will no doubt put some of the Howard governments worst policies back into place and take us back to the 1950’s in a lot of respects and then on the other hand you have a Labor government who can’t seem to find its own a$$ with a map, Labor constantly seem to be able to shoot themselves in the foot with one hand while reloading with the other. Neither party seems to be looking at a long term picture with regards to infrastructure and future development their ‘vision’ seems to be limited to the next 4 years and securing their nice indexed pensions

But despite all this the one thing I absolutely hate is people who vote for a party purely for the fact that that is always the way they have voted because that was the way their parents voted etc etc etc ad nauseum. These are the people who will believe whatever is told to them by ‘their’ party who believe ‘their’ party can do no wrong, basically people who treat politics like a religion without even realising it – The Party Faithful, that phrase sums it up really, people who won’t take a few minutes to cast a critical eye over their parties policies and see that not everything is good. People who will believe whatever crap they here about the other party no matter how ridiculous and will spread it to all their friends, in this day and age where a few minutes of research could show the truth of a statement people are happy to just pass on the messages with no thought to their accuracy.

It seems that critical thinking is not something that people are willing to indulge in these days, maybe it is just easier to soak up the bullshit and relax.