Politics: Charter boat,what charter boat ?

tonySo with a view to being a more ‘Open and transparent govt.’ the Abbott Government seems to be taking an approach that is part Goebbels and part Keystone Cops. Scott Morrison is refusing to confirm anything, even information released by..ummm..Scott Morrison, because you know if he answers a simple question about information he has released then the people smugglers will be all giddy about the sudden rush of information that they could have just read about anyway . But the Abbott Govt, insists on trotting out the line that any information released/commented on would aid the people smugglers, despite all evidence to the contrary. We are now in the interesting position where we are actually having to get our news about boat arrivals from the Indonesian Press and from Australian Residents. In the fine traditions of non democratic governments everywhere, Defence Vice Chief Air Marshall Mark Binskin claimed “if I haven’t reported it, it didn’t happen” when asked about a boat arrival the day before.

Goebbels would have been proud