Politics of the Tweeting Twit

politicsTony Abbott is in the acutely awkward position of having to defend an action that took place during the Labor Govt’s tenure and in this case I have sympathy for him (shocker I know), there has always been an unwritten understanding that Governments spy on each other, the number one rule though was to never to let it become news. However, thanks to Edward Snowden, this time it has made it to the front page and much embarrassment for the government has ensued. Meanwhile in  Indonesian, politicians have an election coming soon, so this means they have a welcome distraction from their own internal issues, their own little ‘Tampa Affair’ if you will Smile.

But the actions of a Senior Liberal Party advisor Mark Textor, are make a bad situation far worse and he is showing a staggering degree of both contempt and stupidity with his comments. How he ever thought this sort of inflammatory stupidity would pass unnoticed is beyond me, for a supposed media communicator this guy is about as smooth as a sandpaper bog roll.

Update – It seems that Mark Textor (That wiki link reads more like a fan page than a wiki page) has now apologised – “Apologies to my Indonesian friends – frustrated by media-driven divisions – Twitter is indeed no place for diplomacy”. In this case I suspect that ‘media-driven divisions’ stands for “media reporting on something I wish they wouldn’t” .