Radio Control : Tamiya Levant Rebuild

Tamiya Levant the XB Rebuild

After a recent bash I lost the rear dogbone and diff drive cup , as I was driving in fine dust  I decided that now would be a good time to pull down, clean and rebuild my Tamiya XB Levant . Seeing as how this was an XB Model the manual was basically just a quick blurb about the model with all the usual warnings about not driving while working a chainsaw etc etc, the only really useful bit of information was the exploded diagram and parts listing.

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Hint to the Australian Labor Party


Hint 1.

If Labor is going to jump up and down about the Government doing something that is legally questionable then maybe Labor ought to make sure they are not guilty of the same offence.

Hint 2.

The “No comment on Operational Matters ” mantra is bullshit pure and simple and Labor was right to call the government on it, but to then rely on that self same thing as your defence can only be described as a move so monumentally stupid as to possibly qualify Labor for special funding under the mental disabilities act.

Wind Farms and idiot politicians


Tilt away Mr Abbott

Tilt away Mr Abbott

So we have a Prime Minister who proudly boast about killing investment in the renewable energy sector ( he even spelled it out which shows he knows Alan Jones’s audience ). It beggars belief that we have a Prime Minister who is proud of killing off investment in one of the fastest growing and most lucrative sectors in the world, in Australia this sector is estimated to generate 20 Billion in investments in the next 5 years as well as an estimate 20-30 thousand jobs and Tony Abbott is boasting about how his government will kill that off. He then went on to pile ideologically based lies on top of each other

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