Who am I ?

I am just another voice on the internet, another keyboard warrior but I find myself wanting to be something more. I think that, deep down, I am a frustrated writer but (and this is key) I am a lazy frustrated writer. So I am never going to be producing some grand work to rival Shakespeare, Dostoevsky or even JK Rowling  (Though I think the average pre-schooler can give EL James a run for for her money). Therefore in an effort to madly scream into the void “Who am I !” and to help ease my frustration I decided to do some ,rather unfortunately named I think, blogging.

This blog originally started with me writing about gadgets, as like a lot of people I am easily distracted by a shiny new toy and indeed I do still write about the various toys I own or have played with. Lately though I have found myself writing more and more about politics and my frustration at people from both the Right and the Left who seem to have lost the ability to use any sort of critical thinking and seem to treat politics like a religion. It seems to be a trend these days for people to substitute facts and figures with fervent faith in ones party and to accept no criticism of your chosen messiah, not matter how idiotic or heinous their policies may be. People always say never discuss politics at the dinner table but I say why the hell not, have people lost the ability to have a discussion about differing views without it devolving into an argument with the associated name calling and turd throwing .

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2 comments on “Who am I ?

  1. Matthew Pearson says:


    Any chance you still watch this blog and you still have your CPX?

    I have one and I am struggling with the setup.

    Could you possible just tell me how the swash plate moves, up or down? I have found out how to reset the transmitter to default and now when increasing throttle/pitch 2 servos move up while one moves down (the front one, Elevator).

    My research tells me all 3 servos should move in same direction, either up or down.

    Would appreciate any advice you can give.


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