Blade Chroma GoPro Edition

Blade Chroma GoPro Editions with ST-10+

Blade Chroma GoPro Editions with ST-10+

I recently purchased a Blade Chroma GoPro Edition, the  version I got actually came with the ST-10+ radio and Mk58 Video Downlink. I will be doing a full review on this in the future but in the meantime I will link to some video I have made using the Chroma and the GoPro.

This is a video of the first flight I had with the Blade Chroma, it was at a local park and I made sure to follow the instructions for calibrating the drone. I set the height limit to 55M so as to keep any potential failures within the area of the park, I also made sure to get permission from any of the people the drone flew ‘near’ to. I am still dialing in what settings on the GoPro work best with the drone as well as getting a feel for how the drone flies. As I fly planes and racing drones I find the ‘Smart’ mode of the Chroma to be very weird and counter intuitive, though for an absolute beginner I can see how it could be helpful.  All my flying for this video was done in Angle mode, I have yet to test the Chroma in agility mode but I have tested the Return to home a few times in different scenarios and it has always brought the drone back to within a few meters of it’s stat location.


Sony Action Cam AS200V

AS200VGoPro have long been held up as the ‘go to’ standard for action cameras and have a well-deserved reputation of being the ones to beat, plenty of manufacturers have been bringing products to market and while some of them simply try to copy the GoPro some have actually tried to make themselves stand out from the crowd. When I
went looking for an action-cam I looked at the GoPro and it had a lot of the features I was looking for as well as a growing range of accessories but price was still an issue, so
I began looking at alternatives. As my main use for the camera was going to be capturing aerial video from my various RC planes/helicopters/drones I initially went small
and got a Hobby King HD Wingcam but as you can see from this Youtube footage the best thing you could say about that camera is that it got the job done but it was limited to 720p (there is actually a good case to be made that it was filming in lower res and interpolating up) and was  very clunky to use.

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Dremel 231 Shaper/Router attachment


dremelI am a huge fan of Dremel tools  and I have owned a Dremel Rotary for quite a few years now but,  in a recent house move I somehow misplaced my old trustworthy Dremel and all the attachments.  So I used this as an opportunity to buy a new tool and rebuild my collection the biggest one I purchased with the tool was a Router/Shaper table which I figured might come in handy when building some of my RC Planes.

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HD2Well on the weekend I had the first opportunity to use the wireless router function of my HD2 and after all the dramas I had with tethering an iPhone it was a breeze to use and two people were able to use my phone for internet access within 2 minutes, score 1 for the HD2. However, so far I have found that the HD2 suffers from a few issues .

  • When put to my ear during calls will quite often press keys or disconnect the call.
  • Sometimes the when scrolling through contacts it will randomly decide I wanted to ring someone and call them, I suspect this is due to smudges on the screen somehow being detected as a finger press but could be wrong.
  • Default weather app will not find anything but major Australian cities and Townsville, if you go to the site that provides the app it’s data (Accuweather) then it finds Toowoomba. This may just be something I am missing but it is annoying. Easily fixed by finding a different ROM I guess
  • Tel$tra removing Googlemaps for Whereis while trying to get you to pay to use its GPS component. Again easily fixed and more a Tel$tra issue but still an annoyance
  • The ringer seems to randomly decide to change it’s volume from one day tothe next.
  • The built in alarm clock function is useless, the alarm rings for longer when selecting the alarm sound than it does for the actual alarm time.
  • The exchange push intergration with the iPhone was much more seamless, so basically Apple does a better job of getting exchange mail, go figure.

But on the whole I am still very happy with the phone.