Abbott Govt Robbing Peter to stop Paul getting into trouble

daftvaderWhile nobody can argue that Labors home insulation scheme was anything but a tragic debacle I think that spending $19 million to tell us something we already know is a dubious allocation of funds, from the governments apparently rapidly dwindling coffers. The Pink Batts commission is a political point scoring exercise so that the Abbott Govt can beat Labor over the head with the bloody stump of its election loss, all the while pointing out what terrible people they are. It is the political equivalent of kicking a man while he is down, though to be fair that is pretty much par for the course in politics these day.

Where it goes from “dubious value” to outright wrong is when they take funding from Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, to pay for up to a 3rd of the cost of the ‘Pink Batts’ commission. Of course this is no real surprise, as for the longest time Abbott fought to deflect any criticism of the catholic church and heaped praise on the likes of Cardinal Pell , so to see the government remove funding from something that might criticise of his beloved church, sadly the use of the funding to score political points is less of a shock and more of the same old same old.

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