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politicsThere is a lot of talk at the moment about the Unions influence on Labor and I actually agree with most of it, Labor needs to distance itself from the unions, but while people like Bill Shorten are in charge this is highly unlikely. What you don’t see much press about though is the amount of influence business has on the LNP, a current case of this is the healthy foods website.

This website was suddenly pulled offline after less than 8 hours after a demand by a senior government aide Alastair Furnival. Furnival has shares in, and is a former Chairman of, a lobbying firm that has lobbied against the website (amongst other things) and his wife actually works for, and is a Director of, the same firm, closer examination shows that it is in fact a Furnival family company. Of course Assistant health minister Fiona Nash is insisting all is above board and there is no conflict of interest and is now saying that states ( who funded the site) asked for it to be taken down, but in fact she asked for it to be taken down at a meeting of the states but they said no. Nash then took responsibility for the labelling scheme from the public servants who have dealt with it for several years, and who refused to pull down the website, to the Health Department’s first assistant secretary who took it down under order from Furnival/Nash. Of coarse the LNP is saying all is good despite the fact that Nash has had to ‘correct the record’ twice so far, but hey I am sure it is all above board.

Interestingly a brief scan of the various news outlets shows that this story is getting little to no mention on any of the Murdoch owned press sites but the union corruption stories are still prevalent, yet the ABC/Fairfax “lefty” news outlets are running stories on both and I see no shouts of bias from all the people who jumped up and down at the ABC.

So I guess bias is only bad if it is against your team.

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