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politicsI see Gerard Henderson is complaining about how the Tony Abbot and his Government are facing more media criticism than any other Government in living memory, now this bit of hyperbole is even more extraordinary when you consider that Gerard doesn’t even have to look too far back to find examples of how silly that statement is. The Gillard Govt was the target of some pretty ‘robust’ media reporting from day 1 and Gerard was right there waving his opinion pieces with the rest of the media, it appears that he believes that everyone and especially the ABC, should give his buddy Tony Abbott a fair go, especially seeing as how Tony Abbott was such a positive voice in the early days of the Gillard Govt, I also noticed that Gerard no longer offer the option of comments on his opinion pieces, I guess too many lefties weren’t giving him a fair go either.

This ties into the current governments obsession with media control and their outrage when certain parts of the media (read anything not Murdoch Press) fail to follow their script of what the public needs to know. The latest episode in this saga is the ABC reporting of the Indonesian spying scandle, the ABC got a heads up from the Australian arm of The Guardian about the story and they both came out with it at roughly the same time, cue the outrage and calls for the hanging of ‘Aunty’, championed by moral crusader and media tart Cory (Gays/Islam/Climate Change are bad MMMmmkay) Bernardi .

So how precisely is reporting on a news story, a big news story at that, considered ‘amplifying a news story’. If that’s the case then every news agency is responsible for ‘amplifying’ every time they report on a story broken by another agency, a phenomenon up until now known as ‘News’. I guess the Abbott Govt is so used to the preferential treatment from the Murdoch Press that they are caught off guard when the media fail to censor itself for the govts benefit . They needn’t worry though, I am sure that Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Miranda Devine and Gerard Henderson will rush to their defence and point out exactly how biased the media is against their team. The hypocrisy is either ignored or completely lost in the sputtering’s of indignation from the ‘fair and balancedGuardians of our Freedom, the irony is indeed strong in Gerard and his ilk. To be fair Gerard is not the most strident of the anti left but, in a way, his attempts to pass himself off as a calm and unbiased speaker of the truth actually make him more of a hypocrit. Bolt, Jones and Devine at least wear their right wing badges with honour.

Gerard and I see eye to eye on some issues, mostly relating to press freedoms, but even on this he consistently champions the cause of right leaning media while never pointing out when they commit the offence of ‘bias’ or other more blatant acts of bastardry; I see no evidence of him excoriating the Murdoch Press for their behaviour in the phone tapping scandal in the UK or Fox News for its almost comical right wing bias.

Finally for a bit of fun have a read of Gerard’s Media-Watch page, which seems to exist solely as a forum him to bitch about the evil lefties and how biased they are. Sort of like a phaux Twitter account but with longer articles and less chance of being called out on some of his claims .

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