Politics: Joe Hockey and lying is the new truth.

politicsYet again Joe Hockey keeps referring to figures, even after has been told that they are incorrect, first was his claim that his high income electorate was one of  the highest bulk billing electorates in Australia (it is in fact the fifth lowest in Australia.). Now he keeps referring to figures about how Australia had the highest increases in forecast real expenditure growth between 2012 and 2018 even though they this claim has been shown to be incorrect by the Parliamentary Library . In both cases Joe Hockey just kept repeat his comments, in the real world we call this lying.

Turnbull did similar things with the NBN continually claiming that figures show the NBN was over budget/behind schedule/evil socialist plot, despite being shown multiple times that the figures he relied on were wrong, he kept referring to them.

It seems that this government is running on the proposition that if you repeat a lie often enough, “budget emergency” I am looking at you, that reality will change to make it true or maybe people will just start believing it to be true, unfortunately from what I can see a good portion of LNP supporters are just lapping up the lies and asking for more, without once thinking to making questioning what is being said. It seems that politics has gone from people looking at policies and applying a bit of critical thinking to people taking a party on faith and just believing that whatever they do will be for the greater good.

Did we need to rein in spending, yes.

Did we need to reduce red tape and a massive increase in public service, yes.

Did we need to gut support for low income earners and pensioners and punish anybody who loses a job under 30. No

Did we need to have a budget that punished low to middle income earners while leaving high income earners and big business totally untouched. Hell No.

This budget was driven by ideology and in areas flew in the face of good fiscal policy, it has caused a drop in both consumer and business confidence and made the economy stutter.

Yet like Oliver, their supporters stand humbly before the government and ask for more of the same.

Of course now people will simply say that I must be a Labor supporter(not particularly) and dismiss anything I say and so continues the demise of political discussion in Australia


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