Politics : Somebody think of the Children….again.

Think of the Children

Think of the Children

My opinion on the UN is that it is a mixed bag of good intentions and flawed ideals hampered by its members unwillingness to really let it do anything of any real note. No government is really willing to cede any sort of sovereign control to a body that has no real power to enforce a level playing field, so the UN stumbles on with the occasional highlight and a lot of posturing and reporting and most governments either pay minimal lip services to them or outright ignore them.

The latest is a report from a UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is another example of a report which should be simply ignored. This report calls on the Australian Government to legislate a ban on ‘smacking’ or corporal punishment ,  the Abbot Government has already indicated that it will probably not be taking up the committee’s recommendation, with Abbott himself expressing concerns about the dangers in becoming a ‘nanny state’. Now let’s be clear, nobody is advocating physical abuse when they disagree with these recommendations and any reasonable person can see the difference between a smack on the hand/wrist/bum and beating your child.

Some people may disagree and will refuse to discipline their child in this manner and that is also fine, as it is their choice. No Government, UN Committee, or church for that matter, should be trying to force people to raise their kids in what they perceive to be the ‘correct’ way. We already have laws in place to be able to prosecute parents who abuse their children, as well as those parents who fail to meet their children’s basic needs and I think the less the Government gets involved in peoples day to day lives, the better.

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