Politics: The King of Idiots and his Golden Standard

Corey BernardiSo are you a single parent or a step parent, well then according to Mr Abbotts former good buddy Cory Bernardi your family is inferior to his “Gold Standard Traditional Family”. We should all be focusing on and praising traditional families, none of this adoption or step parent nonsense; also IVF is bad and right up there with human cloning (I think he is a bit confused on what each of these is ) and adoptive parents fail the ‘Gold Standard’ test so they join the rest of the great unwashed as inferior.

This numpty has previously railed against gay marriage (leads to beastiality apparently) and abortion, in his new book he fabricates abortion figures and essentially claims woman are using it as an easy option ; I am guessing he has never actually spoken to someone who has had an abortion because I can guarantee none of them have felt it was an ’easy’ option.

He also wants more religion in politics, but only if it is Good Ole Christian religion, heathens need not apply.

Cory also seems to be quite happy with the huge contradiction his views present, he is all for saving unborn children but he is apposed to giving them any help once they are born. So you can’t have an abortion because ‘God’ told Cory it is bad Mmkay, but when you are forced to have the child he reserves the right to heap scorn and condemnation on you while making sure you get no support because you are ‘inferior’ and contributing to a culture of need. Oh also, all you single parents (But mostly you Mums) it is your fault we have so many criminals and sluts. True Story just ask Cory he will tell you exactly why you are such terrible parents.

It seems that sanctimonious condescension and bigotry are the family values to Cory aims for.

Abbott may have distanced himself, but he has not exactly done much in the way of condemning Bernardi’s views. Basically he has just dodged any questions and stated that Mr Bernardi is stating personal opinion, ignoring the fact that he is using his political office to espouse his archaic and at times mind boggling views of what is right and wrong (as is his right btw). I am sure if a Labor backbencher was doing similar he would be screaming from the nearest media pulpit about how Labor can’t control it’s members.

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