Wind Farms and idiot politicians


Tilt away Mr Abbott

Tilt away Mr Abbott

So we have a Prime Minister who proudly boast about killing investment in the renewable energy sector ( he even spelled it out which shows he knows Alan Jones’s audience ). It beggars belief that we have a Prime Minister who is proud of killing off investment in one of the fastest growing and most lucrative sectors in the world, in Australia this sector is estimated to generate 20 Billion in investments in the next 5 years as well as an estimate 20-30 thousand jobs and Tony Abbott is boasting about how his government will kill that off. He then went on to pile ideologically based lies on top of each other

– Wind turbines cause health issues –
He is pandering to the fringe who claim that wind turbines can affect your health, this is despite the fact that every reputable study has found no link between wind turbines and health issues. In the two studies that National Health and Medical Research Council has done no evidence at all has been found to support the claims and neither have the 24 other international studies. Abbot showed his colours on this a while ago when he appointed Maurice Newman to head a review on the health effects of wind farms. Maurice Newman is a prominent anti-windfarm campaigner as well as being a climate change denier and of course his latest crusade is to try and convince everybody that climate change movement is an attempt by the UN to take over the world. Remember people, this guy is one of Tony Abbott’s top advisers. Maybe Tony Abbott can ask the residents of Morwell what they think of coal fired pollution vs Wind Farms.
– Wind Turbines are noisy, this is a bald faced lie, at a distance of 1500 meters( and you can’t even build them that close to a residence) the sound of a wind turbine is 30-35 decibels which sits on the scale between ‘quiet bedroom at night’ and ‘quiet library’. For comparison the noise level from a conventional power station only reaches 30-35 decibels at the 4km mark and even standing right underneath a wind turbine the noise is only just above background level so in other words this claim is total and utter crap.
– Wind Turbines are ugly, well this is subjective but hey let’s take a look at a wind farm
and a conventional coal fired power station and its associated open cut coal mine
Windfarms allow the surrounding area to still be used for this like grazing and actually generate revenue for the land owners, conventional power stations not so much.

So once again Tony Abbott shows that he is happy to make his decisions based on ideology rather than facts, whether this is him pandering to interests in the mining industry or another example of his general anti-science stance it is a sad day for Australia that this muppet is in charge. In order to have continued growth into the future we need to be developing and encouraging new industries not sticking doggedly to old ideas because that is what used to work, the Abbott government seems to determined to live in the 50’s and we are the ones who will end up picking up the bill in the future.

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