Radio Control : Tamiya Club

Just a quick post to talk about the website, while researching information on a few vintage Kyosho’s and a few new and old Tamiyas I came across the Tamiya Club website and forum and it has so far not failed me in providing a ton of information on even the more obscure models I have been looking at. I have also been able to find quite a few build/restore threads on various models which have helped me in getting a few of my own restorations finished.

While the yearly subscription may be a bit steep for some the free side of the site is still an excellent resource and I highly recommend it.

Politics: Joe Hockey and lying is the new truth.

politicsYet again Joe Hockey keeps referring to figures, even after has been told that they are incorrect, first was his claim that his high income electorate was one of  the highest bulk billing electorates in Australia (it is in fact the fifth lowest in Australia.). Now he keeps referring to figures about how Australia had the highest increases in forecast real expenditure growth between 2012 and 2018 even though they this claim has been shown to be incorrect by the Parliamentary Library . In both cases Joe Hockey just kept repeat his comments, in the real world we call this lying.

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Politics: Scott Morrison chucks a tanty…again

politicsThe Refugee Council of Australia was told last Friday by the Department of Immigration that its core funding of $140,000 a year would be cut just two weeks after it was allocated in this year’s budget. Obviously they did not bow down and prostrate themselves in thanks after the budget, so Morrison chucks a tanty and pulls funding. This is very similar to when the Howard Government announced that Charities would only receive government funding if they agreed not to criticise the government, this is the sort of hubris that got the Howard government a holiday on the opposition side of the house, maybe Tony, Scott and Chris are pining for their old seats.

Abbott Govt Robbing Peter to stop Paul getting into trouble

daftvaderWhile nobody can argue that Labors home insulation scheme was anything but a tragic debacle I think that spending $19 million to tell us something we already know is a dubious allocation of funds, from the governments apparently rapidly dwindling coffers. The Pink Batts commission is a political point scoring exercise so that the Abbott Govt can beat Labor over the head with the bloody stump of its election loss, all the while pointing out what terrible people they are. It is the political equivalent of kicking a man while he is down, though to be fair that is pretty much par for the course in politics these day.

Where it goes from “dubious value” to outright wrong is when they take funding from Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, to pay for up to a 3rd of the cost of the ‘Pink Batts’ commission. Of course this is no real surprise, as for the longest time Abbott fought to deflect any criticism of the catholic church and heaped praise on the likes of Cardinal Pell , so to see the government remove funding from something that might criticise of his beloved church, sadly the use of the funding to score political points is less of a shock and more of the same old same old.

Politics : We Don’t Need no Stinkin Science

TonyAbbott ministryJob well done to the Abbott Government, their NBN plan is the equivalent of a two tin cans and a piece of string and is over budget and the rollout is way behind. Now thanks to Abbott and Co’s wonderful vision of returning to 1950’s Australia the CSIRO is having to close a lot of sites and stop a lot of research, small unimportant things like irrigation research, geothermal energy research and of course all that silly climate change and modelling research. Guess they didn’t get Uncle Tony’s memo about science being silly and that we should maybe just spend more time preying or something.

But hey, we don’t need to be on the cutting edge of Bioscience and nanoscience research, we can leave that stuff to the grown up countries, especially as we can just keep mining stuff to sell, that will last forever won’t it ????


Politics: The King of Idiots and his Golden Standard

Corey BernardiSo are you a single parent or a step parent, well then according to Mr Abbotts former good buddy Cory Bernardi your family is inferior to his “Gold Standard Traditional Family”. We should all be focusing on and praising traditional families, none of this adoption or step parent nonsense; also IVF is bad and right up there with human cloning (I think he is a bit confused on what each of these is ) and adoptive parents fail the ‘Gold Standard’ test so they join the rest of the great unwashed as inferior.

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Politics: Dreaming of past glories

politicsYes it is 2014 and yes I am commenting on politics already , this article below highlights one of the many things that worry me about the Abbot Government. They are running on the fumes of the past, making the assumption that they can repeat the successes of previous LNP govt’s without actually making any effort to look at what will need to be done or even if it can be done. During the election all we heard was “Stop the Boats” and “Scrap the Carbon/Mining Tax” with little or no real policy and now that they are in government it seems that they are running with a ‘She’ll be right mate attitude’ , a hodge podge of broken promises and contradictory policy. But hey at least they can keep blaming Labor, I mean the Newman Government is still doing it, so guess Abbott and Co. will do it for at least the next 3 years.