RC : Art-Tech Devil 500 Class Sports Trainer

The Art-Tech Devil is sold as a Sports Trainer, however with a few small setup changes it has the ability to become a 3D trainer as well. I came across this plane while visiting WiredRC in Brisbane, after looking at a few other models I kept coming back to the Devil, I think because it reminded me of some of my old nitro trainers. The Devil is a larger foamy with a wingspan of 1.4 meters(55 Inches) and looked like it would be a good ‘default’ plane, as well as being a stable platform with which to teach people; in fact it proved to be such a nice plane to fly I later bought a second one for my Girlfriend to learn on.

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Politics : Somebody think of the Children….again.

Think of the Children

Think of the Children

My opinion on the UN is that it is a mixed bag of good intentions and flawed ideals hampered by its members unwillingness to really let it do anything of any real note. No government is really willing to cede any sort of sovereign control to a body that has no real power to enforce a level playing field, so the UN stumbles on with the occasional highlight and a lot of posturing and reporting and most governments either pay minimal lip services to them or outright ignore them.

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Politics : Cry me a river

politicsI see Gerard Henderson is complaining about how the Tony Abbot and his Government are facing more media criticism than any other Government in living memory, now this bit of hyperbole is even more extraordinary when you consider that Gerard doesn’t even have to look too far back to find examples of how silly that statement is. The Gillard Govt was the target of some pretty ‘robust’ media reporting from day 1 and Gerard was right there waving his opinion pieces with the rest of the media, it appears that he believes that everyone and especially the ABC, should give his buddy Tony Abbott a fair go, especially seeing as how Tony Abbott was such a positive voice in the early days of the Gillard Govt, I also noticed that Gerard no longer offer the option of comments on his opinion pieces, I guess too many lefties weren’t giving him a fair go either.

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Politics : Freedom to what ?

FreespeechIt seems the well read, Lord of the Dance and ‘Minister for terrorism’ (mostly he seems to terrorise Labor with his knowledge of Parliamentary process) George Brandis is actually looking into removing some of the laws that impinge on our personal freedoms, my hope is that they will actually head back to a more classic liberalism and remove some of the more draconian laws imposed by previous governments of both persuasions. They have made a few small steps in this direction with the repeal of some of the laws banning the ridicule of parliamentarians and use of parliamentary footage, though the cynic in me thinks this was more for the benefit of the Murdoch press than any real sense of advancing freedom of expression; they are sending  mixed messages though, with the foreshadowed scrapping of the Independent Reviewer of Adverse Security Assessments.


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Your right to say it

FreespeechNow this is a post that, I am sure, will surprise some people but I entirely agree with the change/repeal of what is now known as ’Bolts Law’. While I think Andrew Bolt is a right wing twat, I also believe that this bit of legislation went too far. In the words of Voltaire – I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it(yes I know not actually his direct words) and from a more modern source that puts it far more succinctly in my opinion..

Stephen Fry

“It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.”

Repeal of “Bolts Law”

Politics of the Tweeting Twit

politicsTony Abbott is in the acutely awkward position of having to defend an action that took place during the Labor Govt’s tenure and in this case I have sympathy for him (shocker I know), there has always been an unwritten understanding that Governments spy on each other, the number one rule though was to never to let it become news. However, thanks to Edward Snowden, this time it has made it to the front page and much embarrassment for the government has ensued. Meanwhile in  Indonesian, politicians have an election coming soon, so this means they have a welcome distraction from their own internal issues, their own little ‘Tampa Affair’ if you will Smile.

But the actions of a Senior Liberal Party advisor Mark Textor, are make a bad situation far worse and he is showing a staggering degree of both contempt and stupidity with his comments. How he ever thought this sort of inflammatory stupidity would pass unnoticed is beyond me, for a supposed media communicator this guy is about as smooth as a sandpaper bog roll.

Update – It seems that Mark Textor (That wiki link reads more like a fan page than a wiki page) has now apologised – “Apologies to my Indonesian friends – frustrated by media-driven divisions – Twitter is indeed no place for diplomacy”. In this case I suspect that ‘media-driven divisions’ stands for “media reporting on something I wish they wouldn’t” .

Politics: Charter boat,what charter boat ?

tonySo with a view to being a more ‘Open and transparent govt.’ the Abbott Government seems to be taking an approach that is part Goebbels and part Keystone Cops. Scott Morrison is refusing to confirm anything, even information released by..ummm..Scott Morrison, because you know if he answers a simple question about information he has released then the people smugglers will be all giddy about the sudden rush of information that they could have just read about anyway . But the Abbott Govt, insists on trotting out the line that any information released/commented on would aid the people smugglers, despite all evidence to the contrary. We are now in the interesting position where we are actually having to get our news about boat arrivals from the Indonesian Press and from Australian Residents. In the fine traditions of non democratic governments everywhere, Defence Vice Chief Air Marshall Mark Binskin claimed “if I haven’t reported it, it didn’t happen” when asked about a boat arrival the day before.

Goebbels would have been proud

Review: HobbyKing DuraFly Ryan STA.

DuraFly Ryan STA

DuraFly Ryan STA

I was lucky enough to be given some funds to purchase a HobbyKing DuraFly Ryan STA, this is a one HobbyKings new balsa build Durafly series of planes.While foam is the building material of choice these days I still felt the need to buy this plane for the simple reason that it looks amazing, also I find that balsa models just seems to fly better. One thing I don’t miss about the old days is balsa repairs, I have rebuilt and recovered many a plane in the past and when compared to the quick and easy re-glue of a foam model balsa repairs are just a bit too time consuming and fiddly. But I saw that HobbyKing has plenty of spares and these days if a part is cheap enough I am probably going to buy a new one rather than try and fix it.

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