Radio Control : Tamiya Levant Rebuild

Tamiya Levant the XB Rebuild

After a recent bash I lost the rear dogbone and diff drive cup , as I was driving in fine dust  I decided that now would be a good time to pull down, clean and rebuild my Tamiya XB Levant . Seeing as how this was an XB Model the manual was basically just a quick blurb about the model with all the usual warnings about not driving while working a chainsaw etc etc, the only really useful bit of information was the exploded diagram and parts listing.

I started by pulling the rear suspension apart, left and right are of course pretty much identical. I then removed the rear bash plate and body support before completing the rear suspension disassembly.


As you can see there was a large build up of gunk around the rear diff drives, although considering how long I have had this model and how hard I have driven it at times I didn’t think it looked too bad. I pulled the rear diff out and cleaned it up straight away as it was particularly messy. Front diff was basically a mirror of the rear so didn’t take any photos.

I then pulled down the rest of the rear drive assembly, including removing the motor, mount and pulling out the drive shaft, which despite its thin and fragile appearance is actually a fairly strong piece of steel with very little flex. I checked the spur and pinion gear for any wear and found very little, the way the Levant is designed it tends to funnel dirt and debris into the chassis tub but the area around the motor is very well enclosed and there was little in the way of dust and grime when compared to other areas.

I then pulled the front suspension apart, here you can see one of the few upgrades I did to the Levant after I kept damaging the front steering knuckles so I replaced them with alloy ones. I also found that in front on accidents the front shock were vulnerable to damage and after having to replaces both I sourced a wider front bumper. I cleaned all four shocks and refilled them with oil.

Front suspension removed and front diff removed, final parts of the drive train taken off the chassis.

Removing the steering assembly, you can see here that this part has been given a temporary field repair due to a crash with another buggy. I have since found both a delrin replacement as well as an alloy replacement from a collection of bits I was given, I am also looking to update a few other bits and pieces as I find them. I did get a TB-01 dust cover from Team Blue Groove in the hopes of being able to not have to use a shovel to empty the chassis after a few runs. After I had all the plastic bits apart I washed them and put them out to dry.

The reassembly begins, pretty straight forward just a reverse of the disassembly but a lot cleaner. I re-greased everything that needed greasing and then also used a PTFE Dry Lube on any parts that may experience wear and tear. I tested this product by stripping the lube off an old metal tank gearbox and then spraying it with the PFTE spray and I then proceeded to destroy the motors by massively overpowering them. At the end the gears were barely warm and aside from the sound of the motors the gearbox, was much quieter. I definitely recommend this product.

The reassembly continues and is where I found it pays to remember how things go back together as missing a step meant pulling the motor/ mount back out put the missing part in.

After the teat down the Truggy was much quieter  the tear down also gave me a bit more speed and endurance. I have also fitted the Top Cover from Team Blue Groove and fitted a fan to it as I found temps were getting a bit high in the hot Australian summer heat

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  1. Gio says:

    Hi, have you a spare tblm-01 esc?

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