Blade Chroma GoPro Edition

Blade Chroma GoPro Editions with ST-10+

Blade Chroma GoPro Editions with ST-10+

I recently purchased a Blade Chroma GoPro Edition, the  version I got actually came with the ST-10+ radio and Mk58 Video Downlink. I will be doing a full review on this in the future but in the meantime I will link to some video I have made using the Chroma and the GoPro.

This is a video of the first flight I had with the Blade Chroma, it was at a local park and I made sure to follow the instructions for calibrating the drone. I set the height limit to 55M so as to keep any potential failures within the area of the park, I also made sure to get permission from any of the people the drone flew ‘near’ to. I am still dialing in what settings on the GoPro work best with the drone as well as getting a feel for how the drone flies. As I fly planes and racing drones I find the ‘Smart’ mode of the Chroma to be very weird and counter intuitive, though for an absolute beginner I can see how it could be helpful.  All my flying for this video was done in Angle mode, I have yet to test the Chroma in agility mode but I have tested the Return to home a few times in different scenarios and it has always brought the drone back to within a few meters of it’s stat location.


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