RC : Kyosho Turbo Rocky


A Kyosho Turbo Rockyfew years ago I bought a box full of old RC Cars off of Ebay after a quick look I put them in a storage box and pretty much forgot about them, then recently the high winds and lousy weather here in Brisbane meant that I couldn’t get much flying done. So I thought it was a good time to start getting some of my cars up and running , while doing this I found the old box of parts and decided it was time to rebuild a few of them.


After going through the parts I I found I had what looked to be a complete buggy. After a bit of research turned out to be a Kyosho Turbo Rocky. I couldn’t find much information on the actual Kyosho Website nor on the Kyosho Wikipedia page as it seems that the Turbo Rocky was a relatively rare model . Luckily there were more than a few RC forums that helped provide the information and links I needed. I managed to track down a site that had scanned images of the manual which was especially handy as this car was sold as an unassembled kit and needed to be built, nto too dissimilar to the situation I currently found myself in. I have shared the manual in both PDF and Word formats as well as any other resources I have found, I have also left the original scanned images as well in case a higher res is needed. With the help of the forums and the manual my ‘box o parts’ started to take shape.

The problem with any vintage item is the lack of replacement parts and in when it came to the Turbo Rocky Kyosho seem to be a bit on the slack side. Luckily it seems I have about 99% of the original parts, including the infamous steering crank, which due to it’s very odd design is prone to breaking  and is considered very difficult to find, as I do not intend for this model to be a shelf queen I have been looking at alternatives to the OEM setup for when it inevitably breaks but that is for later down the track. I discovered that a lot of the rear end assembly apparently shares parts with the Kyosho Raider but the front end was pretty unique. I am going to keep looking at this to see if I can find comparable parts but for now the build will progress with available parts.

I plan on using a stock 540 brushed motor with an ESC as I can’t see the point in putting the old mechanical speed controller back in, I will initially use a NiMH stick pack with an eye to switching to LiPo packs once I am sure everything will hold up. One of the things that worries me though is the chain drive, as you can see in the pictures below both the steering servo and the battery pack sit in a spot where the chain could quite easily come into contact. With the servo it isn’t too big of an issue but if I end up using softpack LiPo’s then I will need to make sure the chain doesn’t end  up rubbing through the battery and causing a fun and exciting LiPo fire.

I managed to find some NIP vintage parts on Ebay to finish the rebuild, but I have since sold the Turbo Rocky , it is now a shelf queen in his collection.


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